Links to a variety of Infini-D related resources. Most of them are captures on the Wayback Machine, with the exception of ones marked with an asterisk*, which are still live (miraculously).

The Gallery //
→  A website that used to contain some Infini-D art, and still would if only it had been archived. ccarlton, where are you?

Natan's website //
→  Nati-WEB, a personal site (Natan's?) that contained a handful of Infini-D animation files and QuickTime movies.

Rastermon's Web Site //
→  A very cool website run by a graphics professional that hosted several 3D renders, some of which were created with Infini-D.

Infini-D Starter Page //
→  A good page for Infini-D beginners. Like The Gallery, we only wish its images had been archived.

Steel Pyramid Designs //
→  This website had a lot of Infini-D renders on it, split into the author's own personal gallery and one full of visitor-submitted works.

Super Mac Animation //
→  An excellent website full not only of Infini-D resources but (old) Mac animation resources in general. Well-archived, so it's worth looking at the different captures, too.

Stretchy Jackal Software //
→  This capture is but a navigable AOL directory, which makes finding the Infini-D renders on it today a miniature adventure of its own.

Neil Heacock Consulting //
→  This website contained several Infini-D renders, alongside other fun era-appropriate graphical treats. Like Super Mac Animation, it was well-archived and is worth looking through the different captures of.

3D Graphics by Ken //
→  A website that hosted lots of 3D resources. Which images on it were archived and which were not are kind of hit-or-miss.

MetaCreations //
→  My mind is overwhelmed by the sheer number of witty comments I could put here.

Winston's Infini-D Model Gallery* //
→  A fun gallery of Infini-D models and renders, laid out in three "wings."

Jennifer's 2D/3D Website //
→  An awesome website that had a good amount of Infini-D content, alongside content related to Photoshop, web design, Macs, etc.

Kohe's Computer Graphics Gallery* //
→  An interesting old collection of 3D renders, some of which were made with Infini-D.