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Infini-D was a '90s-era 3D computer graphics application most commonly used on Macintosh computers. As a mid-range package that sported a unique, friendly interface and features advanced for its price point, Infini-D was considerably popular in its time.
Unfortunately, this popularity was not sustained very far past its untimely death at the dawn of the new millennium; while Infini-D is not at all hard to find on websites dedicated to obsolete software, the tools that commonly accompanied it in its heyday aren't as easy to come by quickly, nor is information about its history. This website aims to remedy that by functioning as its original iteration did: Providing Infini-D resources all in one place. :)

Below are some helper files for use with Infini-D:

→  A template for creating multi-beveled text models.
Update to Infini-D 3.5.1 or later, or you'll only be able to render the model Phong-shaded.

→  An archive of Animation Assistants for Infini-D. Animation Assistants are pre-configured animations that make it easy to make models spin, explode, etc.

→  A sphere containing realistic stars, for that space scene that you're undoubtedly working on. Found in the Specular Replicas CD.

→  A collection of surfaces for use in Infini-D 3.X

→  The same collection of surfaces above, but in Infini-D 4.X's surface file format.

→  A very realistic brick wall texture map.

→  A template for putting a different image/QuickTime movie on every individual face of a cube model.

A Miniature History

This site is a resurrection of the original Infini-D Resource Page, a popular website dedicated to Infini-D that was created by Kert Gartner in 1996. Originally a GeoCities site, it was later moved to be hosted on a separate website. It was maintained until 2001, and was deleted by its second host sometime in 2005.
In its lifetime, the Resource Page attracted the attention of not only Infini-D's userbase but Specular Int'l and MetaCreations (the software's two owner companies) themselves. Its massive model archive and, momentarily, its provision of news related to upcoming Infini-D versions, made it a go-to for Infini-D users during the software's life.
In June 1999, work began on an aesthetic overhaul of the website, but this redesign was never finished or published online. The website you're viewing now was built from the unfinished remnants of said overhaul.

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