A collection of Infini-D renders submitted to the Resource Page. Click on a thumbnail to view the full-sized image!

A cool scene of a desk.

by Assaf Ben-Ari

A very realistic model of a comb.

by Ben Dansby

A cool space battle scene created with various Babylon 5 models and Pyromania explosion movies.

by Loz

A cool space battle scene with two of the Babylon 5 models on the ID Models page.

by Erik Carlsson

A photo-realistic model of a package of crackers.

by Aubrey "RenderMack" Pullman

An Incredible, cool looking Experimentation Chamber

by Scott Luscombe

A Very cool Viper SpaceCraft

by Sean Yeomans

A beautiful wooden carousel

by Mike Nibeck

A cool picture

by Mike Nibeck

An amazing rendition of a chess scene.

by Steve Hartley
(alt. view)

Three Comanche helicopters flying over a desert.

by Scott Luscombe

A beautiful rendition of a Butterfly.

by Steve Jarratt

A cool looking scene with a sword.

by Duane Hoepker

A Cool Looking Castle

by Kert Gartner

A Pacman Scene

by Kert Gartner

A model train

by Kert Gartner

The Canada Goju Symbol.

by Kert Gartner

My Incomplete Space Station

by Kert Gartner

New renders could always be added to this page, so feel free to check back frequently.
Renders without links on their creators' names are so old that I don't know how to reach said creators.
If one/some of those old renders are yours and you want some say in their present and future, email me about them!